A few friends suggested this and I am finally stepping up to the challenge (not sure why I haven’t done it yet, but am sure I will find out in the process) I guess I will consider it the very first of my new hobby: introducing Cleo Bond Moda, as I call it #cleobondmoda.


At this point, it is a collection of clothes and shoes I have carefully accumulated over 20 years. Some were new when I found them, but most are second-hand from friends/family closets, consignment stores and estate sales. I am not sure what fashion categories my style belongs, so if you have suggestions - don’t be shy to share.

In the merciless heat of central Texas, I would rather cover up instead of exposing skin. I burn easily and very painfully and if I can skip on applying thick layers of sunscreen - I am all for it! This particular morning (photo) I went to the farmers market in this outfit which is perfect for open air shopping.

Blouse: H&M (Casablanca, Morocco)

Jeans: BeBe (from Goodwill)

Shoes: hand-me-downs

Hat: Target

Scarf: Estate sale

Shades: Random gas station

Earrings: one of my oldest and most favorite, and I don’t remember where and when I got them

Necklace: Antique shop - Abu Dhabi, UAE 2010

Tunic: M&W Collection: Marva) Casablanca, Morocco, 2019

Purse: Target
Leggings: Aerie, 2020
Sandals: Handmade - Greece, Etsy

I feel attractive as well as professional in this ensemble; it was an easy transition to make me feel like autumn! Divided my attention to my plants after work and so comfy, I postponed the customary immediate dive into pajamas after entering my home.

© 2020 Cleo Bond